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 Guidelines for AEON

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PostSubject: Guidelines for AEON   Guidelines for AEON Icon_minitimeTue May 08, 2007 7:42 pm

AEON is its members. This means taking an active part in AEON, joining in events, grouping with other Guildies on a fairly regular basis, helping others with quests, doing what you can to help AEON as a whole. That does not exclude soloing, grouping with others, or not jumping in to help every person who asks. It is about finding the right balance to benefit you and AEON. And never forget - WoW is a game. Lets have fun! geek

Also never forget that you carry the AEONs Name above your head at all times, conduct yourself in a manner which will earn respect from your fellow players, not contempt. Be proud of being an AEON, and make those around you happy to see one. Be polite, both to AEONs and fellow travellers. Be a nice person - even if this means you have to role-play the whole time! (We're sure you can be evil and nice at the same time...) And don't forget - it's a game, have fun, don't spam, don't ninja-loot, don't kill steal, don't get caught up in abusive arguments and don't intentionally train.

Any member who does not play within Blizzards policies and AEONs Rules will be removed from the Guild, as this can damage AEONs reputation. Conversely, if another player acts poorly toward you, then try politely asking them to stop or reach a compromise, and if that doesn't work, try speaking with one of their Guild's Officers. There is never an excuse for dealing with like by like. Have self-respect. No begging in guild chat, and especially not shout etc. By all means ask for help when you need help, but make the distinction. If it is not immediately urgent, try the forums. For quest assistance, do some research, plan a date and time, and ask for help from people via a forum post or set up an event on the callendar. It is easier to help those who help themselves in this respect.

Please do not auction via guild chat - that is what the trade section if for. Requesting services (resses, trade skills, etc) - Requests should be polite and specific where possible. Guild members are under no obligation to fulfil the requests, however if they are not busy and have the time to spare, then providing assistance is encouraged. These should be non-exploitative - neither overcharging a guild member nor making a profit from another's good will.

Selling in guild is not allowed, however if you are requested to use your profession, for which you need to buy materials, you may charge the price you have paid for the material.

Al course you are always welcome to give items away in guild.

New Member Level Limit
We have no minimum Level Limit. The main thing is you fit in our fun guild.

New Member Applications
If you want to join AEON, you can copy the template in applications and answer to the questions asked.

After you applied, one of the officers will contact you to have a talk. If all goes well, you will be accepted into AEON as an initiate.

Probation period
All initiates have a 4 week probation period (officers will put a date in the officers note) and in that time they should spend as much time as possible interacting with the guild - grouping with members, attending events/raids, being active in guild chat etc. After 4 weeks is up and the officers are satisfied that the person fits in AEON they are promoted friend, which is equal to full member.

In rare cases the probation period can be increased or even decreased (4 week minimum / 8 week maximum) at the officers' discretion based on comments from guild members. If there are still concerns over the suitability of an initiate at any point during their probation period they will be removed from the guild. Initiates are not entitled to make use of the guild bank.

You are not entitled to have an Alt in AEON until you are a full member of the guild.

Re-Tagging of Ex Guild Members
As in most environments people will from time to time move onto other things or have a change of circumstances which requires a character to leave the guild. In some circumstances these AFG periods (away from guild) may be relatively short (1 or 2 months) in other cases it has been known to be years.

To reflect the sense of camaraderie of the guild with both current and past members the following rules will apply to members re-applying for membership (this excludes those who are judged to have left the guild on 'non friendly terms' or have been asked to leave the guild for whatever reason in which case you've probably got a lot of apologising to do before you are even tagged for probation!).

Time of absence <= 3 months, will not be required to carry out a probation period as it is deemed to be an extended holiday (even if the player joins another guild and returns).

Time of absence > 3 months, will be initiate as if they were a new recruit.

If there's any question mark over the time of absence, it is assumed to be greater than three months and probation is required.

Please note - if you know you're going around the world for a year but would like to remain in guild please let us know so we don't clear you out!

The primary aim of the guild is to have Fun. Please try to remember this, before you get caught up in exp or loot worries, panicking about not having a group, or a myriad of other things that spoil both your enjoyment and that of others.

Events are aimed at everyone having fun, but Raids are often for the good of the Guild, not the good of the individual Guild Members. Enjoyment should be your number one priority.

On WA-runs we generally use the NBG/CUWU system (need before greed/can use will use); only roll Need on an item if you will use it and it is a good upgrade to your existing equipment or if you are specifically told to roll Need. However, the Event organisers have the choice of either using this system or any other for loot allocation - in that rare case though it should be made clear at the start of the raid if any other system than NBG/CUWU is used. Please make sure you understand which system will be apply for the raid you are attending.

It must be stressed that loot orientated people will not enjoy life in AEON. We are not a loot orientated guild. We play to enjoy, not to become uber.

The AEON Bankers volunteer their time to the Guild for their specific jobs. Please respect this at all times. You are expected to travel to them and should not keep them waiting. If they are online, ask if they are available for an exchange. If you're an hour away, then ask if they will be available in an hour's time (or ask for the item to be mailed to you). Get yourself to the arranged meeting place (not 3 zones away) before you ask them to show up. If anyone has to wait, it should be you. Know what you want before you make a request. Please make it specific, not "Have you got an armour for me?". BANK UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Guild Funds
At this moment we only have limited funds available. We use this to pay for events. In future we might also be able to give out loans, however you have to sent an "I owe you" to the guild bank and indicate the time you will spent paying the money back. You can discuss this with Pressie or Natalisa. DO NOT ASK FOR GOLD IN GUILD CHAT, THIS IS NOT ALLOWED!
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Guidelines for AEON
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