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 Spiderwing: Anub'Rekan

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PostSubject: Spiderwing: Anub'Rekan   Spiderwing: Anub'Rekan Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 12:22 am

Spider wing: Anub'Rekhan:

Raid setup: (10 man)

The raid should be made up of around 2-3 tanks (2 is absolutely fine). The group will also need 2-3 healers, and the rest of the raid should be filled with a mixture of ranged and melee DPS. A couple of DPS classes who can stun are useful (such as rogues and paladins).

Raid Setup: (25man):

Tank-wise, 25 man Anub'Rekhan is much the same as 10 man, only needing around 2-3 tanks (2 is fine, but an extra tank could help out if something goes wrong). 6-8 healers is fine for this boss, but it can take a few tries if the fight is new to them. The rest of the raid should be filled with a mixure of ranged and melee DPS. A few DPS classes who can stun are useful (such as rogues and paladins).

Gear req for tanks:

For tanks, it is recommended to have at least 25k health for 10 man and 32k+ for 25 man. The tank should be able to avoid debuffs, or at least be able to stay alive while having at least one stack of Locust Swarm (see the abilities section below). DPS and healers should be aiming at around 12-15k health and mana users need about 15k mana or as close to that as possible.

25 man healers and DPS should be around 14-17k health (buffed) at a minimum and have around 17k mana (also buffed).

Anub'Rekhan has approximately 2,230,000 hit points.

  • Impale. This is an area of effect ability that targets a random player and hits everyone in a straight line between Anub'Rekhan and the player. It will do 4813 to 6187 Physical damage and launch the affected players high in the air, causing 50% fall damage when they hit the ground.

  • Locust Swarm. Every 70-120 seconds, Anub'rekhan casts a spell that causes AoE damage in a wide radius (30 yards) around him (the AoE remains centered on Anub'Rekhan as he moves), he will also slow to 75% of normal run speed. Remaining in the radius of effect will cause a DoT debuff to stack repeatedly dealing 875 to 1125 Nature damage every 2 seconds per stack as well as silencing those afflicted. When he casts this spell, a Crypt Guard will also spawn at his initial engage point. Lasts 16 seconds.

NOTE: The Locust Swarm attack has an approximately 90 second cooldown, however the first cast is not at a set time, between 80 seconds and 2 minutes. As well, the Locust Swarm is not a normal silence. Unlike a normal silence, it prevents the use of all abilities (even auto-attack). This means that the MT cannot use Shield Wall or Last Stand to save himself if he gets stacked too high. Items, however, are still able to be used.

EXTRA NOTE: Aspect of the pack can be used to get out of the Locust Swarm range but needs good timing from both Main Tank and Hunter. Unholy Aura also work if the Deathknight stands a little further ahead of the kiting path and runs with the Main tank to the initial tanking place. If you're late on your kiting and start stacking up the debuff, drink a swiftness potion

Summon Corpse Scarabs. Whenever there is a corpse, player or Crypt Guard in the room Anub'Rekhan may decide to spawn corpse scarabs from it. This is not on a set timer. Ten will be spawned from a Crypt Guard and Five from a player. They spawn with threat on random players and will spread out and attack random targets.
Crypt GuardsThese adds will spawn after every Locust Swarm, they have around 300,000 health. They have a cleave, a stacking acid spit dot that ticks for 500 a stack, an area of effect immobilizing web and a low HP frenzy.

25-man Strategy
Three tanks are ideal for this encounter though it is doable with two. One of them should tank Anub'Rekhan, while the others will tank the Crypt Guard adds and the Scarabs that spawn from their corpses. A protection paladin is best suited to add duty, with their good AOE and snap threat, while a warrior or druid is best suited to Main Tanking, as they are able to charge back to the boss if impaled (although a warrior also has Intervene, making them slightly preferable, the boss was done without intervene prior to patch 2.0 by running round the circle, and this is still achievable, particularly in the 10-man). A hunter is helpful but unnecessary.

The warrior tank will engage Anub'Rekhan and drag him back to where he was standing originally (note that tanking him against the wall can cause evade bugs should the tank be impaled). The other tanks will pick up their Crypt Guards and DPS will focus them down. These should be tanked and killed relatively close to Anub'Rekhan. Due to the acid dot the Crypt Guards apply infinitely these should be killed quickly.

After this the raid should spread out in a semi circle around Anub'Rekhan to minimize the effects of impale. Mages should be ready near the Crypt Guard corpses to frost nova the Corpse Scarabs as they come out and the offtanks can help pick them up (the offtanks should also be on or near the corpses). Ranged DPS should focus and kill the scarabs before returning to Anub'Rekhan. You should have a decent amount of time to DPS Anub'Rekhan before the first Locust Swarm. One player, ideally a Hunter, and a healer will stand 30 yards from the warrior tank on the edge of the room past the ring of slime. When Locust Swarm is cast all players must immediately run from Anub'Rekhan for the other side of the room and remain more than 30 yards from him for the next 20 seconds.

The warrior tank, when he sees the Locust Swarm cast bar, must immediately intervene to the hunter and begin kiting Anub'Rekhan along the edge of the slime to the other side of the room. The hunter should have aspect of the pack on. The healer will need to move with them and avoid getting any stacks of Locust Swarm in order to be able to heal the tank and hunter should they be hit. Locust Swarm will end when Anub'Rekhan reaches the other side of the room where he should be tanked as before with the raid spreading out in a half circle. During this time another Crypt Guard will spawn which should be picked up and killed. Mages will need to be aware of Corpse Scarabs spawning from it. After this the encounter continues with Locust Swarms coming every ~90 seconds until Anub'Rekhan is dead.

If a warrior tank is not used, some form of speed boost is preferable (boot speed enchant, engineering, travelform or cat form on a druid), although since the boss moves at lower than normal runspeed, this is not strictly necessary.

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PostSubject: How to do Anub'Rekhan easy....   Spiderwing: Anub'Rekan Icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2009 3:22 am

I can`t take credit for this one, but it works..


the main tank pull Anub'Rekhan and tank at the north end of the room
with the main tank's back facing the east wall. The ranged DPS and
healers need to stay near the center of the room and make sure everyone
is spread out to minimize the effects of impale. Anub'Rekhan will
periodically summon a Crypt Guard to attack the raid - have the
off-tank pick up the Crypt Guard and tank him in the center of the room
- at which point have all the DPS switch from Anub'Rekhan to the Crypt
Guard. The ranged DPS should always be ready to AOE the corpse scarabs
that will spawn from dead Crypt Guards (and also anytime a party member

Spiderwing: Anub'Rekan Anub1y10

Peroidically Anub'Rekhan will start to cast Locust Swarm (you will see
an emote on the screen) - a Crypt Guard will also be summoned during
this time. Have the melee DPS move in with the ranged group at position
1 to help kill the Crypt Guard while the main tank run a half circle
around the east side of the room to position 2 (the tank will need to
move a little further then a half circle to prevent getting hit by
Locust Swarm - and then reposition the boss at the south point of the

Spiderwing: Anub'Rekan 210
(First Locust Swarm)

Spiderwing: Anub'Rekan 310
(Second Locust Swarm)

Reposition the boss so that he is now at the
south end of the room with the main tank's back again facing the east
wall and make sure the Crypt Guard is dead before the DPS switches back
to Anub'Rekhan and then rinse and repeat (the next Locust Swarm have
the tank run the circle north) this process until Anub'Rekhan is dead.

And get Deadly Boss Mod, its a addon that tells u when bosses do what.

You can download it here :


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