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PostSubject: My App (joined)   My App (joined) Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 12:38 pm

Your Character:

1. What is the name of your character which you are applying with?

2. What is their Race, class [If Dual spec pleases state] and Level?
Night Elf Priest Holy/Shad level 80

3. Do you have any alternate characters on this server? If, so please list them (name, class, level, guild, faction).
Yes, Joshianko Shaman level 80 Peace and Tranquility NE (Restro & Elemental)
Shaliana Priest level 80 Peace and Tranquility Dran (Holy & Disc don't ask =P)
Greegos Paladin level 65 P&T Dran (Prot)

4. Please list all previous and current guilds of your characters on this server.
Dragon Slayers Guild
Peace and Tranquility

You In real life:

5. What is your real name (Optional)?

6. What is your real life age?

7. What time zone do you play in? (GMT +/-)

8. What are your normal playing times?
Evenings and Sundays

9. Which other MMORPG's have you played?
Eve Online
D&D Online
LOTR Online

Aeon and You

10. Do you have any previous experiences of members of AEON?
None but I hope to get to know you all very soon =)

11. What are your goals within the game itself?
To have fun.

12. Why would you like to become a member of AEON?
Because I'm looking for a friendly social guild with a good member base, AEON fits the bill.

13. How often do you normally check / intend to check forums?

14. Write a few lines about yourself. (What motiviates you in the world of
Warcraft and what are your goals? Roleplay/Story if you like)
Sorry I can only really RP in game =)
But my goals in world of warcraft are just to have fun and I guess i'd like to lay waste to some raids too. I also play on WoW with my girlfriend.

15. What do you have to offer AEON?
A great attitude towards teamwork, I like to think I'm very friendly and will do anything I can to help a fellow guild member.

16. We are not a raiding guild, however we do organise raids. Would you interested in joining raids?
Yes very =)

17. We run social events, for RP and fun, would you be interested in joining these?
Yes if I get chance.

18. Have you read the guild guidelines and do you agree to abide by them? (Yes/No)

19. Give any other information you would like to be taken into consideration.
I would just like to note that if I came over I would like to bring my brother and his wife and my girlfriend? Ofcourse I will get them to apply seperate but just so you know. =)
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PostSubject: Re: My App (joined)   My App (joined) Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 8:03 pm

Hi Garfunkle,

Thanks a lot for your very nice application.

First I would like to say that there has been a lot of change in AEON the last half year. From a very active guild, we became a quiet, but relaxed guild with good old (game) friends. We dont have lots of people on line all the time and we are pretty okay with that basically. Somehow a lot needed a break for all kinds of reasons. I do think that more people will start playing again with the expansion comming up.

So basically atm we are not raiding or active in events, however we are having a lot of fun together amd when more people join in again we will start organising thingies again.

Personally I say it would be nice to have new people in AEON and it will be no problem to bring your whole family in if you want, I just wanted to be honost with you about what AEON is about at the moment.

Im mostly on in the evenings, so you can give me a wisp if you want an invitation, also in weekends Im on a lot. If you dont see me, you can also look for Brightpearl of Traan, so I can hop on to give you an invite. You can also check if Neros, Zianna, Annetta or Jonkarr are on line, those are the other High Counsil members of AEON. Just refer to the forums and this message from me.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Pressie / Paw

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My App (joined)
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